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Antwerp, a major International Port in the world


No other seaport is located so far inland in Europe as the port of Antwerp. This central location offers the fastest and cheapest connections with the European hinterland, as well as ecological advantages.


Location-wise, Antwerp is a major international port, the gateway to Europe, ranking 14th in the 20 largest container ports in the world. Thanks to its location 80 kilometers inland within Europe, Antwerp offers the fastest and the most sustainable connection with the European hinterland. "60% of European purchasing power is located within a radius of 500 kilometers from Antwerp. As a result of the deepening of the navigation channel in the Western Scheldt, it is now possible for container ships to sail upriver with a maximum draught of 15.6 metres and downriver with a maximum of 15.2 metres"

Martime freight volume

The volume of freight loaded or unloaded in Antwerp has doubled over the past 20 years to 238 million tonnes. This makes Antwerp by far the largest port in Belgium and the second-largest port in Europe.


Antwerp is known around the world for the high productivity of its container handling, with 40 moves per crane per hour.


Antwerp is the main port for breakbulk in Europe an the market leader in the handling of steel. Thanks to our experienced dockers, we have an excellent reputation for handling this labor-intensive segment.

Rolling material

There are varios Vehicle Processing Centres in the port of Antwerp where cars are washed, dewaxed, inspected, repaired, fitted with accessories and finally transported to the new owner.


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