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Pingdemic shatters chain supply


The UK government refuses to change the detection and tracking policy, resulting in 'pingdemc'.


Nearly 700,000 Britons are now in self-isolation, the factories run at half power, there is no garbage collection, and supermarket visitors have to deal with empty shelves. The economic loss is as high as billions. As the economic recovery began to falter, this policy has received increasing criticism

Road transport is also struggling to cope with this period of the pandemic. Nearly 90,000 lorry drivers are currently unavailable, meaning delays in deliveries to shops and petrol stations.

Several supermarket chains have announced in recent days that they have been forced to close shops across the country due to the high number of employee absences that have forced them to quarantine themselves. 

Erdo Relocation keeps finger on the pulse for the recovery of the 'pingdemic'


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