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Zaha Hadid Architects' Design of the Antwerp's Port Headquarters


The glazed-glass structure is mounted over a renovated fire station, creating a stunning new landmark for the city


At the Port House, the port of Antwerp’s past and future come together. The bottom part was once a fire station that was on the port’s outside edge. During renovation, this beautiful station was restored to its former glory. There is no clearer symbol of the immense growth of the port of Antwerp.

Together with a striking and contemporary superstructure in the shape of a diamond - a monumental design of the famous architect Zaha Hadid Architects - the building makes up the entire Port House. According to ZHA, the decision to build up was inspired by research into the historic firehouse—a 100-year-old replica of a Hanseatic residence—that revealed unrealized plans for a central spire. The new structure, the firm said in a statement, completes “the verticality of the original design’s unrealized tower” and also respects each of its four original exteriors by leaving them uncovered by a neighboring building. As such, it is a metaphor for the port of the 21st century: a port with a rich history that is ready to face the future head-on.

Want to take a look at this new landmark on the Antwerp skyline? Or would you prefer to admire the port and city from a breath-taking perspective? Pay a visit to the Port House and find out all about its wonderful architecture and operation. This is only possible during a guided group tour.


Address of the Port House:
Zaha Hadidplein 1, 2030 Antwerp



A view inside ZHA’s latest project.  Hufton+Crow

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