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Fine arts

Shipping something valuable that needs specialized handling such as packing and care. We take pride in our packing specialists perfect for bringing your masterpieces ‘door to door’ even ‘nail to nail’.


Fine arts objects needs fine arts handling expertise especially for canvases, marble or brass masterpieces and most of all exclusive and irreplaceable items. Having your fine arts handled by a moving company than an ordinary service provider is safer and more reliable.


Our packing crew is specialized to establish custom made crates in ISPS certified wood. Water- temperature- and shockproof. Only certified and reliable partners are chosen in the chain of logistics.

Customs regulations

Considering that custom officers are very sensitive in relation to fine-art objects, some are prohibited to leave the country. Art is often subjected to random valorization by local customs officers. Detailed and realistic taxation is required before shipping it.


Don't break your head over this! Trust your masterpieces to a professional. Irreplaceable and unique pieces are subject of many meanings and valorization. Certificates of origin, taxation by experts or auctions are helpful for insurance purposes.  

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