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Household goods

For a removal from one country to another. We specialize in moving accounts expatriates, diplomatic delegates, private individuals and their families 'door-to-door'. All three with different matters, different needs.


For a removal from one country to another. We take care of the complete logistical chain, from packing, inventorising, trucking from and to terminals, export documents, sea-or airfreight, import regulations with local customs and destination services such as delivery into residence, unpacking, assembly of furniture, parking reservation with the local autorithies, outside elevators, removing of debris after works, etc…. . 


Diplomatic delegates and governmental missions are subject to free entrance to the destination country. Simple and short procedure is applicable against one single diplomatic letter.


Non-diplomatic delegates for commercial accounts are subject to free entrance to the destination country. A detailed and organized procedure is applicable against custom officers at destination.

Customs Regulations And Information For Imports For All EU Countries (Deed of Schengen excl.CH)

Personal Documents Required

• Original Bill of Lading (OBL) / Express Release / Air Waybill (AWB)

• Packing list

• Color copy of Passport showing photograph and signature

• Detailed inventory, valued and signed + declaration that the goods have been in client’s possession for more than 6 months (by ours).

• Letter of Employment from the origin country stating that the customer has been employed outside the European Union for a period of at least 1 year (by client)

• Certificate for Free Entry or Visa (for non-EU citizen, issued by the Embassy or Consulate of the EU country of destination)

• Certificate of Residence issued by local EU town hall of EU city of residence (for all citizen)

• Certificate of Change of Residence (returning EU citizen only) issued by the local town hall where the client lived prior to departure abroad

Specific information

• The letter of employment from the origin country should include the beginning and ending dates of employment and beginning date of employment in the EU (for non-EU-citizen only).

• The Negligence in providing these documents before the arrival of the shipment in Belgium could impact the items being declared for tax and duties (only refundable within 6 months.). Non-refundable provisional customs clearance will also be charged for 220,- euro.

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